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wall street Coaching & Strategy

Some students become interested in the world of finance while still in high school, so they set a goal to get a career in investment banking, corporate finance, or private equity. At Bentham, we work with business-oriented students on crafting the strongest academic portfolio possible to get into a "Wall Street Feeder" school. In the United States, there are 11 undergraduate programs which are a gateway to landing an excellent job in finance after graduating.

Admissions Details

1. Ivy League Schools (8 of them)

2. Georgetown University

3. Duke University

4. NYU—Stern School of Business

Curriculum Details

1. Study economics if no business program

2. Bentham Method: contrarian positioning

3. Intellectual Vitality: extracurricular impact

Wall Street School Services

When a student has an interest in finance and wants to pursue a lucrative job opportunity out of college, the first step is getting into one of the Wall Street "feeder" programs listed above. These schools provide excellent resources to hone one's technical skills and build a vast network of alumni connections. Since 8 out of the listed 11 schools are part of the Ivy League, you can review our strategy for acceptance by clicking here

Georgetown, Duke, and NYU Stern are all excellent programs as well, so our method will not change dramatically for acceptance. When working with students in grades 8-11, we will focus on creating a strong narrative, bolstered with extracurricular opportunities that are business-oriented and have a social impact.  

Curious if Bentham would be a good fit based on your specific academics, extracurricular activities, and budget? Scroll down to our contact form and drop us a quick note. We are happy to chat.

NEW: You can see our Class of 2024 stats here. 76% our clients were accepted into excellent business programs.

Bentham Approach: The Consultant & You

Our admissions consultants are all graduates from top universities. We firmly believe that there is an advantage to working with individuals who were stellar students, creative thinkers, and leaders—they share their unique experiences and implement the core Bentham strategies when working with our high school and transfer clients. 

As a student​ interested in business, you should be a self-starter, eager to ask questions and think independently. There should be a flow of communication going both ways between your consultant and your family to cultivate your ideas and allow them to flourish into something substantial. We have helped students create non-profits, fundraisers, and community initiatives.

If you are interested in what the workflow would look like for your son or daughter, the best next step to take is to set up a free consultation with us. We will walk you through our process from now until the final applications are submitted. 

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