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Ivy League Admissions Consulting

The Ivy League is a group of 8 elite colleges located in the Northeastern United States. Conducting research and ultimately applying to these schools can be a difficult process, mainly because of the huge number of resources you can find on the internet or in various readings. Bentham provides you expert strategy and peace of mind to ensure that the student is on the right track in terms of grades, standardized testing, extracurricular activities, and angularity. 

The presentation is from a webinar that we ran on January 29, 2020, where we discuss what Ivy League schools are looking for and how exactly Bentham creates an admissions strategy for our high school students. 

In the past 5-10 years, having the grades and the scores does not guarantee you acceptance to these schools, and we focus on creating a compelling narrative for our students to bolster their portfolios outside of the classroom. 

Ivy League Coaching Services

When a student submits an application to the Ivy League schools, he or she needs to demonstrate excellence in academics/testing and originality in extracurricular activities. When you combine these two components with a strong personal statement, compelling supplemental essays, and robust recommendation letters, you maximize your chances of standing out against tens of thousands of other qualified applicants. 

At Bentham, many of our consultants are graduates of the Ivy League, and they take pride in coaching high school students on the right strategies to cultivate interests and demonstrate intellectual vitality both inside and outside the classroom. To learn more about the process we take in grades 8-11, please review our services here

Curious if Bentham would be a good fit based on your specific academics, extracurricular activities, and budget? Scroll down to our contact form and drop us a quick note. We are happy to chat.

NEW: You can see our Class of 2024 stats here, as 50% of our clients were accepted into Ivy League schools. 

Ivy League Admissions Consultants

Our consultants are all graduates from top universities. We firmly believe that there is an advantage to working with individuals who were stellar students, creative thinkers, and leaders—they share their unique experiences and implement the core Bentham strategies when working with our high school and transfer clients. 

Another advantage of working with us is that we are a lot smaller than some other firms in the world of admissions consulting. We take a more intimate, team-based approach to the consulting process, so you will be in correspondence with everyone on our leadership team—not just your child's direct consultant. 

If you are interested in what the workflow would look like for your son or daughter, the best next step to take is to set up a free consultation with us. We will walk you through our process from now until the final applications are submitted. 

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