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The Bentham AdmissionsDifference

Why Bentham

Bentham Admissions' team is comprised entirely of graduates from highly selective colleges and graduate programs. Our innovative approach to admissions counseling delivers strong results

Our counselors provide one-on-one support on all aspects of the admissions process, from pre-application planning to the school list selection, application strategy, essay writing and interview support.


Leveraging their experience successfully gaining admission to and graduating from elite institutions, our counselors empower applicants with the insider knowledge, actionable advice and support needed for a competitive advantage in the admissions process.

Ivy League Experience

Every member of the Bentham Admissions team is a graduate from a top college. They will guide you through this process with the insider perspective that only comes from someone who has recently navigated this journey successfully, knows what admissions officers are looking for, and what it takes to stand out.  

An Affordable Approach

The college admissions consulting marketplace can be a crowded and confusing environment.  There are plenty of "gurus" who have published sophisticated sounding books about how to get into college... and they seem to think this entitles them to charge an arm and a leg to give straightforward advice.


At Bentham Admissions, we pair you with the most qualified admissions consultants - recent graduates who successfully gained admission to and graduated from elite institutions, and who have the insider knowledge of current admissions trends and sharp intellect to advocate most effectively for other applicants.  We believe that you should have access to our personalized coaching for a price you can afford.

Strength of a Team

There are a variety of college admissions counselors; most are single-person companies founded by older individuals who graduated from college decades ago; no matter how promising their experience reads, they often bring a “one size fits all” approach based on their out-dated experiences.


Your Bentham Admissions consultant is backed up by a whole team of experts. That means you benefit from the collective knowledge of many recent graduates from most of the nation’s top schools - consultants who know what the most recent trends in admissions are.

Detail-Oriented Advice

One size does not fit all. Our focus is on you. That means a unique application plan that takes into account your desires, your strengths, and your dreams.

We help applicants put their best foot forward, while still encouraging them to be themselves and pursue their true interests. Parents and students most often comment on the effectiveness of Bentham Admissions in offering clarity, effectively organizing individual elements, helping students dig deeply to write the best possible essays, and adding significant value to the application process.

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