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New York (NY) College Admissions Consultants

New York (NY) College Admissions Consultant

New York City high school students are up against incredible odds when applying to elite universities. Whether applying to one of the state’s top public schools, such as those in the SUNY System, or applying to one of New York’s dozens of highly ranked private schools, students’ academic excellence alone is no longer enough. With increasing admissions standards, New York City students need to strategically position themselves to stand out as the future their choice university needs.

At Bentham Admissions, our New York (NY) consultants—all graduates of top 20 schools—will help you succeed. We offer individually tailored coaching and application packages to help you identify your niche, develop and articulate your personal brand, craft knockout essays, and most of all, increase your chances of acceptance into top colleges.

Whether you need a strategy for applying local—Columbia, NYU, Barnard, Fordham, or another top university—or for applying further afield to Duke, MIT, an Ivy League, or a different school of your choice, we will tell you the steps to take to make your college goals a reality. We strategize your approach, so you can be efficient and successful.

New York College Admissions Consulting

Take advantage of Bentham’s coaching and application packages to develop a college profile and achieve your college admissions goals.

Learn more about what Bentham has to offer to help you succeed.

Our team has advised college applicants from the following high schools in New York City: ​

  • Horace Mann

  • Trinity

  • Collegiate

  • Dalton

  • Brearley

  • Chapin

  • Regis

  • Riverdale Country

  • Ramaz

  • Spence

  • Columbia Grammar & Prep

  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School

  • Friends Seminary

  • Stuyvesant

  • Bronx Science

  • Great Neck

  • South High School

  • Browning

  • Avenues

  • Nightingale-Bamford

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