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College coaching package

Our College Coaching Package makes the most out of your time during your freshman, sophomore and junior years to position you to be the most competitive college applicant.  The work is completed on a one-on-one basis with an experienced admissions trained graduate of an elite university who will continue to coach you through the application process senior year.

What's Included:

Here's how we maximize a student's profile through coaching during one's freshman, sophomore and junior years:

Review of Student Profile

An analysis of the student’s academic performance, interests, and aspirations with an eye toward generating a balanced view of the student’s extra-curricular profile and addressing any deficiencies before senior year.

Consultant advises on extracurricular activities for the student's summers and school years that will be most appealing to exclusive colleges and fit the student’s interests. Learn more

In today’s competitive application environment summer internships are a MUST. Your consultant will help you draft summer research or other program applications to give you an edge. Learn more

Community Service Strategy

Consultant helps the student determine which community service work would be the best fit for their academic goals.

After we've coached you up to senior year, we next focus on the college application process which is also included in the comprehensive coaching packages: 

Consultant engages in a collaborative process with the student to compose a customized Client Questionnaire that will form a foundation for the college admissions application.

Customized Client Questionnaire

Analysis of applicant’s Client Questionnaire, academic profile and extra-curricular activities to formulate a branding strategy for the application narrative and topic advice for the main college admissions essay. Learn More

Analysis of applicant's academic profile to select a list of reach, target and safety schools. Learn More

Common Application Personal Statement

Consultant provides the applicant with essay topic and essay content advice for the common application main essay. Consultant analyzes the common application main essay and makes substantive and stylistic revisions to the essay. Unlimited edits are provided by the consultant on the common application main essay.

Consultant develops a strategy on topic and structure for the supplemental essays for the colleges that applicant signed up for help on. Unlimited edits are provided by consultant on the supplemental essays for the colleges that applicant signed up for help on. Learn More


Consultant advises on Addendum explaining low grades on transcript (if applicable).

Final Application Review

Final analysis of the Common Application to ensure the completeness and accuracy of all application materials.

Recommendation Letter Advice

Consultant works with the applicant to plan a strategy around recommendation letters, including identifying possible recommenders and how to approach the recommenders.

A consultant will coach the student for their college interviews and conduct a mock interview with the student. Learn More

Deferral and
Waitlist Help

Consultant will provide advice to student on deferral and waitlist issues.

Financial Aid Assistance

Consultant will guide student to the appropriate resources for financial aid.

Application Questions

Consultant will answer any questions that the applicant has about his or her application and the application process.

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