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Texas Pre-Med Programs Admissions Consultants

Texas offers many options for those interested in pursuing careers in the medical field.  While no school has a pre-med major, the schools in Texas offer a number of programs, advising services, and resources as one moves through their undergraduate degree while seeking what is required for medical schools. 

One of the unique factors of Texas is that they offer, JAMP, a Joint Admission Medical Program, specific to residential Texas students who are economically disadvantaged and want to pursue a medical education. JAMP is in partnership with eleven Texas Medical Schools and seventy public and private four-year undergraduate institutions.

Best Pre-Med Schools in Texas

You have worked hard to get to this point, and there is still a major hurdle between you and your goals: the college admissions process. Bentham Admissions’ team of consultants—all alumni from elite schools—is here to help you.


From selecting the right school to nailing the application, we know how to match you and amplify your strengths to help you across the finish line. We use time-tested methods to ensure you maximize your opportunities. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

Best Pre-Med Colleges in Texas

University of Texas at Austin


The university offers the Health Professions Office as a one-way stop to all of its Health Profession pathways.  The College of Natural Science (CNS) major gives students the opportunity to earn a Pre-Health Professions Certificate which helps students meet the requirements for professional health programs. Students in other majors have the opportunity to earn the certificate as well.  The Medical School Admission Report details the matriculation metrics of UT Austin students admitted to medical schools. 

Texas A & M University


The university boasts a number of Early Assurance Programs to Texas A&M students. The Texas A&M Pre-Medical Society is a great organization for those seeking careers in medicine. The Professional School Advising team helps in making students the most competitive medical school applicant and provides a number of resources. 

Baylor University


The university's Baylor 2 Baylor Medical Track Program is an 8-year baccalaureate/MD program. Baylor offers a number of Prehealth Research Programs for it’s undergraduate students seeking opportunities in the medical field. Visit the Prehealth Studies Office to learn more about pre-medicine at Baylor. 

Rice and Baylor College of Medicine


The university selects six incoming students to pursue a four-year bachelor's degree at Rice, followed by admission (conditional acceptance) to Baylor College of Medicine through the Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars Program (MSP). The Office of Academic Advising offers those interested in Pre-Heath professions advising, orientations, and other Pre-Health-related resources.  Rice also offers undergraduates opportunities through the Rice Pre-Medical Society.

Finding a college that will prepare and support you in the medical school application process should be an important consideration in your college search process. If you would like additional guidance in the best colleges for pre-med students in Texas, please be in touch with a member of our team.

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