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Summer Program Applications

Colleges receive tens of thousands of applicants each year. To be accepted, it is critical you beat the bell curve and stand out. Bentham will develop a strategy for you to differentiate yourself, overcome stereotypes, raise eyebrows, win advocates, and overall succeed in your college admissions goals.

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Bentham’s team of expert consultants, all Graduates from Elite Universities, know how to bypass the “average” stack and get noticed by admissions officers. We work with you to create a summer program plan that improves your college applications and separates you from the rest of the field. Bentham consultants make sure your summer activities give you an edge.

Our Team at Bentham Uses Proven Strategies to Ensure Your Summer Programs Are:


Colleges want to know you have a strong sense of self. We help you define a personal narrative that showcases your curiosity, initiative, and energetic pursuit of ideas.


The saying “all roads lead to Rome” also applies to your college application. Every activity of yours must be in service of your personal brand, emphasizing your singular passion, curiosity, commitment, and dedication. We will make sure they do.


Your unique perspective needs to fill a niche. We will ensure your summer programs show how you can bring something to a campus that no one else can.

Summer Program Application Strategy

As part of Bentham Admissions college application package, your personal consultant will help you:


  • Identify programs to Improve Your Application. We help you choose summer plans that make you stand out as offering something valuable that no one else but you could bring to an incoming class. We will help you contact professors and organizers, draft, edit and refine summer program applications, and help you make the most of your summer.

  • Eliminate Activities That Will Not Help You. The options for pre-college summer programs for high school students abound. We will be blunt and tell you when something you are doing is superfluous or distracting from your college admissions goals. We value your time and energy and provide unbiased feedback about where and how you should commit yourself.

  • Make the Most of Your Summer. Your summer programs are only as strong as you can articulate them in your application. We work with you to have the depth of experience you need, document your experience to use in application essays down the road, and effectively communicate your progress.


Bentham’s goal is to make you recognizable among thousands of other prospective students. We look at the big picture, identify how to unify and amplify your individuality, and get to work strategically defining activities that position and promote you for acceptance into top colleges of your choice.

With a Bentham One-on-One college consultant, you are committing to a college selection plan that will:

  • Improve your pre-college summer program plans. Strategically pursue activities that improve your college application ratings. Crystalize your sense of self and develop your niche.

  • Streamline your time management. Stop wasting time, energy, and money on pre-college programs that do not help—or may even hurt—your appeal to elite universities.

  • Increase your admissions odds. Differentiate yourself from the applicant pool. Beat the bell curve by intentionally pursuing your academic goals and showcasing your individuality.

Take advantage of Bentham’s Coaching Packages to achieve your admissions goals.


Our Team of College Admissions Consultants —all graduates from the top 20 schools—will help you identify your best school selection list. College fit matters, for you and for top universities, and we work with you well in advance to make sure you are poised for the best results possible.

Learn more about what Bentham has to offer to help you succeed.

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