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School List Selection

Admissions into elite colleges require foresight and big picture thinking. You must imagine your future, know what it will take to achieve, and map how you will get there. Developing your admissions strategy will depend on your end goal: a list of colleges, including safety, target, and reach schools, that you need to identify as early as possible during high school.


Bentham’s team of expert consultants, all graduates from elite universities, know what it takes to create a College List. We understand the nuances of top colleges—what they offer, what they want, and how to best position a student to match their needs. We work with students to assess their current academic and extracurricular profile, strategize how to take it to the next level, and select a comprehensive list of colleges that answers this question:


Where should I apply?

At Bentham, We Draw Upon Extensive Experience to Ensure Your College Selection List Is:

realistic assessment

We will give you an unbiased assessment of your academic and extracurricular profile and tell you up front which top colleges will likely accept, waitlist, or reject you.

balanced list of schools to select from

Your college list needs to be a mix of almost guaranteed “safety” schools to ambitious “reach” schools. We will make sure you properly identify these options based on your current standing and timeline.

right for you

Schools each have their own strengths, cultures, and professional springboards. We will pinpoint a range of best fit for you and your professional goals, to prepare you for short term and long term success.

School List Selection

  • Identify Safety, Target, and Reach Schools. Creating the best college selection lists requires a nuanced understanding of schools’ needs and how each school will or will not prepare you to accomplish graduate degree and professional goals. Depending on your career specialization, schools will rank differently, and we will make sure you have the information you need to make the best choice.

  • Improve your Rating. Schools screen applicants based on grades and test scores, their love of learning, and the degree to which they specialize in a specific area. Based on your school list, we will strategize how to increase your rankings across the board to aim for your reach schools most accurately.

  • Get Inside Information on Where To Apply Through Early Decision/Early Admission. We will tell you where it is advantageous to apply early and where it will actually hurt you. We know the differences between the schools and whether some want students with high grades or high test scores in their Early Admission pool. 


Bentham’s goal is for you to get admitted to your top choice college. We will show you where and how to focus your efforts during the selection process and how to unify and amplify your application to match the needs of elite universities.

Applying to college is one of the most pivotal moments in your life. Make sure you get the most out of your application process.

With a Bentham One-on-one College Consultant, you are committing to a college selection plan that will:

  • Think Big Picture. We focus on your admission chances, including your goals after college, and strategize the optimal solution for your success.

  • Match your Personal and Academic Needs. We create tailored plans to ensure you present your best self on college applications and that you apply to colleges that meet your personal academic and professional goals.

  • Maximize Your Chance of Acceptance. We allow you to focus your energy on those schools where you will have most to benefit and where you will have a change of admission. With the right college list and approach, admissions officers will know you are serious about your application and your future.

Take advantage of Bentham’s Cooaching Packages to achieve your admissions goals.


Our Team of College Admissions Consultants —all graduates from the top 20 schools—will help you identify your best school selection list. College fit matters, for you and for top universities, and we work with you well in advance to make sure you are poised for the best results possible.

Learn more about what Bentham has to offer to help you succeed.

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