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ACT Private Tutoring

The ACT (American College Testing) is a standardized exam used to test your student’s abilities for whether they are ready for college admissions.


Students already stress about deciding the universities they want to submit their application for, maintaining their GPA, and what career path they wish to take.


The last thing that should be a worry is whether or not they will be accepted to their dream university.

Private ACT Tutoring

Here at Bentham Admissions, we further your student’s academic skills by working with him or her to provide them with the tools and study habits they need to be accepted to the university or Ivy League school of their choosing.


Our ACT private tutors focus on your student’s strengths and apply them to the areas that need improvement. With their knowledge and experience, our tutors use proven methods to help your student develop successful strategies, including the language of multiple-choice, reasoning, and elimination.


Our ACT private tutoring is scheduled around your student’s daily schedule and is provided on a remote basis. Our tutors can meet via Zoom or Skype as often as weekly or daily. Our success in delivering a personalized experience that works effectively with your student starts by:


Our 1-on-1 sessions evaluate and plan a roadmap your student will use to excel during their testing. Our team of Ivy League and other top school graduates have mastered the art of exam-taking, and will teach your student exam-taking strategies that they will be able to apply.


Our team of highly intelligent tutors know the ACT front to back. Our ACT private tutoring uses real ACT questions only and full-length exams so that when test day comes, your student knows what to expect—format, section, and question type.


On top of teaching fundamentals and building on a student’s foundation, we teach strategies that are relevant to the ACT. 


Our tutors are carefully selected with personal backgrounds from Ivy League and other top schools and are the highest-scoring standardized test-takers.


They are happy to work with your student to go above and beyond to give them comprehensive preparation for their standardized tests.



Standard Program

Ideal for students with no background in prepping

  • 10 hours with Instructor

Content focus: English, Reading, Math & Science

  • 3 Full-Length Practice Tests


Review Program

Ideal for students with background in prepping

  • 5 hours with instructor

Content focus: English, Reading, Math & Science

  • 2 Full-Length Practice Tests


Sectional Program

Ideal for students needing to improve in a certain section

  • 5 hours with instructor

Content focuses on one of the sections: English, Reading, Math & Science

  • 2 Full-Length Practice Tests

Breakdown of Standard Program with 10 Sessions:

Session 1: Introduction session


  • Discussion about the student’s academic needs and preferences: strongest/weakest

subject in school, extra time needed or not, visual or auditory learner, etc.

  • Walkthrough of the ACT to provide baseline explanations for concepts

  • Assign first practice test to complete for session 2

Sessions 2-5: Building on the Fundamentals


  • Review initial practice test and determine weakest and strongest subtopics within each

section of the test

  • Build out an action plan that exclusively targets improving fundamentals in student’s

weakest areas; our philosophy is built on taking the areas that need the most
improvement and turning them into strengths to gain maximum points and to bolster


Sessions 3-5:

  • Continue this cycle with students completing between 1-3 official practice tests

depending on need and appropriate pacing

  • Each week students receive custom-tailored notes recapping what was discussed and

providing references back to example problems


Sessions 6-8: Building out a Strategy

  • Continue reviewing another 1-3 practice tests, with a focus on ACT strategy and effective

techniques for scoring points

  • Outside practice materials have given when needed to build consistency in fundamentals as certain question types are most prominent, and priorities shift from building an understanding of the overall material to ensuring consistency to maximize student scores come test day

  • Notes document continues to build; a quick review of notes from previous sessions at the

beginning of each new session to make sure information is retained


Sessions 9-10: Preparing for Test Day


  • The last 2 sessions are variable depending on the student’s progress to date versus their

target score

  • 2-3 practice essays with a review focused on how to build a strong analytical argument

and mastering the ACT essay format

Discussion About Test Day:


  • What to expect

  • Speaking up for yourself

  • Managing test anxiety

  • Managing an uncomfortable or unfamiliar testing environment

  • Differences between “practice mode” and “performance mode”

  • Managing time pressure

  • Rules for the night before/day of (e.g., hydrating, reducing digital screen time,

meditation and breathing)

  • Pep talk to encourage confidence and to build a productive and healthy attitude

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