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New York Pre-Med Programs Admissions Consultants

When students think of New York, they often imagine Manhattan. But the state extends well beyond and offers a surprising number of outstanding large and small-town educational opportunities upstate.


Whether studying in its metropolitan heart or one of its many other vibrant cities, students in New York will enjoy plenty of:


  • Cultures

  • Resources

  • Networking

  • Internship Opportunities

Best Pre-Med Schools in New York

Tackling college admissions takes stamina. Bentham Admissions can help you be as efficient as possible through the process, so you can make the most of your time and energy. Our pre-med admissions consultants—all graduates of top universities—are experts at the application process and have helped countless students get into their college of choice. Your future depends on getting the best intel for your admissions process and on being able to use it to your advantage. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your admissions goals.

Best Pre-Med Colleges in New York

Cornell University


Located near Finger Lakes National Forest in Upstate New York, Cornell is a mid-size top-tier Ivy League university known for having a higher acceptance rate among the Ivy League schools. The university offers a suite of pre-health resources, including Cornell Health Careers Advising, and graduates have exceptional acceptance rates into medical schools across the country.

Columbia University

Columbia is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the U.S. As an Ivy League school, it lives up to its reputation by constantly ranking in the top ten universities in the nation. Located in Manhattan, just north of Central Park, Columbia is at the center of a vibrant metropolitan atmosphere and offers abundant research and clinical volunteering opportunities for pre-med students.

Hamilton College

Hamilton College is a small, private liberal arts college east of Syracuse in Upstate New York. The school offers Health Professions Advising that includes help with finding shadowing experiences, completing medical school applications, and preparing for interviews. The school has strong partnerships with Columbia, Tufts, and Rochester Institute of Technology where students can get impressive research experience as they prepare for their medical school applications. Moreover, Hamilton partners with the University of Rochester Medical School in an Early Assurance Program, in which students can gain admission at the start of their junior year.

Colgate University

Located in Upstate New York, this small, private liberal arts college has a gorgeous rural landscape and a reputation that punches far above its class sizes. Among its many resources for pre-health professional students, the school offers a Healthcare Provider Shadowing Program for students every semester. The university also partners with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland to offer undergraduates a semester-long opportunity to work in world-class research laboratories.

University of Rochester

On the south shore of Lake Ontario, the urban University of Rochester is one of the leading private research universities in the U.S. The small student body means all pre-med students have an abundant opportunity and support, including full-time professional advisers and access to the world-class University of Rochester Medical Center to gain research and clinical experience.

Hofstra University

Located on Long Island, Hofstra is one of the few schools that offers a BS degree in Pre-Medical Studies. The interdisciplinary degree includes all the requirements for medical, dental, or veterinary school while requiring less general education and having no language requirements. Alternatively, as a first-time high school applicant, students can apply for Hofstra’s 4+4 BS-BA/MD Program, which is similar in scope to many combined degree programs, though takes 8 years and still requires the MCAT.

Vassar College

Vassar is a private liberal arts college located on the Hudson River in Upstate New York. Students have the benefit of studying in rural quietude, while only being a two-hour train ride from the abundant resources of Manhattan. All students have access to pre-med advising, and Vassar grads generally enjoy an 85% admit rate to medical school.

Finding an admissions consultant that will help in supporting you during your medical school application process should be an important consideration during your pre-med process. If you would like guidance in getting your application accepted by the best colleges in New York for pre-med students, get in contact with our team at Bentham Admissions.

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