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College Interview Preparation

College admissions interviews are an opportunity to strengthen or diminish your application package. With the right combination of energy, personality, and professionalism, you can promote yourself in a way no resume could. By practicing key interview skills, you will have a successful college interview.

Interview Preparation

Bentham’s team of expert consultants, all graduates from elite universities, know how to interview effectively. We work with you to articulate your ideas, personality, and leadership potential confidently and eloquently, so when the time comes, you too will impress college interviewers.

At Bentham We Use Proven Strategies To Ensure Your College Admissions Interviews:

flow naturally

We develop your ability to converse naturally, so you convey a strong sense of self, maturity, and life direction when you meet with your interviewer.

Personality and Uniqueness

Interviews allow you to animate your application. We make sure you have the confidence to be your true self, so you can build connections and win advocates.


We help you practice and push yourself to be as authentic, engaging, and professional as possible, so you convince an interviewer you are a strong choice for their school.

College Admissions Interview Prep

As part of Bentham Admissions application packages, your college consultant provides:


  • One-on-One Interview Training. We develop your interview skills, so you can communicate with confidence, present yourself professionally, ask impressive questions, and overall improve your application package.

  • Mock College Interview Practice. We conduct formal interviews that mirror admissions interviews, so you can get comfortable responding under pressure. Interviewing well takes practice, practice, and more practice.

  • Unbiased Feedback. We highlight anything we hear that might hurt your admissions chances during an interview, including content and degree of professionalism. We also point out missed opportunities, so you polish and strengthen your interview skills.


Bentham’s goal is for you to get admitted to a top college of your choice. We advise on the best interview techniques, so you are as prepared as possible when it comes time to interview with an admissions officer or alum. Our personalized interview training uses strategic and targeted practice, so you will gain an edge in college admissions interviews.

Your One-on-One College Consultant will prepare you to have a college interview that highlights your:


  • Personal fit. We train you to be engaged, enthusiastic, and conversational in interviews so that you effectively communicate your personality and strong interest in the interviewer’s school.

  • Academic potential. We prepare you to answer—and ask—questions, so you convey your personal philosophies, love of learning, and natural curiosity in such a way that demonstrates you know what you want and have what it takes to get it.

  • Professionalism. We provide unbiased feedback on your professionalism, including how to respond after the interview, so that you maximize and amplify your interview.

Take advantage of Bentham’s Application Packages to achieve your admissions goals to your choice school.


Our Team of College Admissions Consultants —all graduates from top 20 schools—has extensive experience with successful interviews. We train you to show interviewers that you are a great fit for a position at their school. Invest in yourself and your future.

Learn more about what Bentham has to offer to help you succeed.

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