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Harvard admissions Consultants

What Makes Harvard Admissions So Special?

Harvard is bar none, one of the top academic institutions in the world, continuously maintaining a high position amongst its noble competitors. As one of the most prolific academic communities in the Northeast, Harvard, like Yale, is synonymous with everything exceptional and intriguing about the Ivy League.

Well known for its undergraduate programs, Harvard College is a unique institution that remains a part of the larger Harvard University; home to a world class faculty that annually conducts notable, groundbreaking research by both its exceptional staff and committed scholars.

Harvard Quick Facts

Location: Cambridge Massachusetts

Year Founded: 1636

US News Ranking: 2

Application Deadline: January 1st

Must receive SAT/ACT scores by: December 15th

2020 regular decision acceptance rate: 4.3%

Total applications received (2020): 36,175

Harvard University Admissions Consulting

With a variety of faculties, Harvard excels in the business, law and medical communities, among many others. Aside from an excellent research and teaching program, what initially attracts freshmen students to Harvard College, are the Harvard Houses, where three-fourths of students live, learn, and work together with faculty, students, and grad students. These houses are well regarded for providing encroached interactions that help mold the future of America.

Situated in the “college town” of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard is one of more than 50 local institutions serving a student population of more than 200,000 individuals from every US state and foreign country in the world.

Prompts for Harvard’s 2017-18 Undergrad Supplemental Application

  • Unusual Circumstances In Your Life

  • Travel Or Living Experiences In Other Countries

  • What You Would Want Your Future College Roommate To Know About You

  • An Intellectual Experience (Course, Project, Book, Discussion, Paper, Poetry, Or Research Topic In Engineering, Mathematics, Science Or Other Modes Of Inquiry) That Has Meant The Most To You

  • How You Hope To Use Your College Education

  • A List Of Books You Have Read During The Past Twelve Months

  • The Harvard College Honor Code Declares That We ‘Hold Honesty As The Foundation Of Our Community.’ As You Consider Entering This Community That Is Committed To Honesty, Please Reflect On A Time When You Or Someone You Observed Had To Make A Choice About Whether To Act With Integrity And Honesty.

  • The Mission Of Harvard College Is To Educate Our Students To Be Citizens And Citizen-Leaders For Society. What Would You Do To Contribute To The Lives Of Your Classmates In Advancing This Mission?

  • You May Write On A Topic Of Your Choice.

Harvard's Programs Ranked

Medical School: #4 (USNews)

Business School: #1 (USNews)

Law School: #2 (USNews)

Engineering School: #2 (USNews)

Graduate School of Education: #6 (USNews)

Harvard Admissions Consultants
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