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Guidance For 9,10,11 Graders

Admission to an elite university takes foresight. You must begin early in high school to position yourself as a future competitive applicant.

9, 10, 11 Graders Elite University Admission

Whether you are a freshman in high school, a sophomore, or junior, you need to actively develop a student profile for college admission in order to show admissions officers that you have been committed to your field of study from an early age. Admission officers are looking for students who have been involved in their chosen field of study for years and we will help in crafting your strategy of involvement. 


Bentham’s team of expert consultants, all graduates from elite universities, know how to navigate the increasing challenges of college admissions. We start early and design a personalized strategy that ensures you have the strongest university profile possible when it comes time to apply to college.

At Bentham, We Use Big Picture Thinking To Ensure Your Student Profile Demonstrates:

personal brand

Top schools want applicants who have a strong sense of self and direction. Everything you do in high school should be in service of one academic and professional vision.


You need to fill a niche. Elite colleges want motivated and interesting students who excel in a specific, and ideally, unique way that will add to their campus culture.


Intellectual curiosity drives success. Admissions officers need to see you love learning for the sake of learning outside the classroom.


Colleges recruit leaders. You need to show you are capable, responsible, and take initiative, so admissions officers see you as the future they need.

College Requirements

As part of Bentham Admissions college application packages, your personal consultant will:

  • Develop your personal brand. We help you establish and nurture a succinct, unifying, and powerful personal narrative that guides how you promote yourself and how to spend the remainder of your time in high school, so you maximize your activities.

  • Choose the best extracurriculars. We develop a tailored strategy for your summers and school years that fits your interests and ensures you emerge with an edge that appeals to exclusive colleges.

  • Better focus your time and energy. We assess your commitments to make sure you use your time and energy as efficiently as possible. We suggest when to stop activities that divert focus away from your personal brand and advise how to spend your reclaimed time in a way that better serves your goals.


Bentham’s goal is to make you recognizable among thousands of top applicants. Through one-on-one consulting, our coaching package provides a personalized strategy to hone your student profile. We then motivate and hold you accountable to your plan, so you emerge with a unified, memorable student profile that impresses admissions officers and makes you successful in your admissions process.

With a Bentham One-on-One Consultant, you are committing to a high school experience that:

  1. Strengthens your Personal Narrative. We crystallize your academic vision, so you can better target activities that support your needs and the needs of your target schools. We work together so every aspect of your high school experience demonstrates a unified goal.

  2. Separates You from your Competition. We differentiate you from other college applicants so that you stand out as having something unique to offer a top university that no one else can. Colleges want specialists who can fill a niche, and your strategy will get you there.

  3. Impresses Admission Officers. You need to make waves, and with a strong personal brand and unified admissions profiles, you will.

Take advantage of Bentham’s Coaching and Application Packages to develop a college profile and achieve your admissions goals.


Our Team of College Admissions Consultants —all graduates from top 20 schools—have traveled this path and know what it takes to cultivate a strong admissions profile. We strategize your approach so that you spend your valuable time and energy as efficiently as possible. By identifying a strong sense of direction early in high school and defining a path to achieve your goals, you will have what it takes to succeed in the admissions process.

Learn more about what Bentham has to offer.

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