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College Extracurricular Activities

Prospective university students are up against increasing standards. More than impeccable grades and test scores, successful applicants must excel in a specific, and ideally, unique area. You must be a specialist to snag a coveted spot at an elite school.

Extracurricular Activity Strategy

Bentham’s team of expert consultants, all graduates from top universities, know how to stand out against a backdrop of thousands of intellectually qualified applicants. We translate your admissions goals into specific, compelling college extracurricular activities that separate you from the rest of the field and maximize your admissions odds.


Our consultants know the best college application extracurriculars, especially when it comes to extracurriculars for Ivy League colleges. We help you develop a tailored strategy for your summers and school years that fits your interests and ensures you emerge with an edge that appeals to exclusive colleges.

At Bentham, We Use Proven Strategies To Ensure Your Extracurricular Activities Demonstrate:


Colleges recruit leaders. You need to show you are capable, responsible, and take initiative, so admissions officers see you as the future they need.


Depth over breadth is key. Every activity needs to be in service of your personal brand, showcasing your sense of self, direction, and unique story of passionate curiosity.


Specialists can still be generic. Elite schools want motivated and interesting people.  They want students who fill a niche.


Commitment matters, especially long-term commitment. Schools want to see you are dedicated and do what it takes, both which are critical to academic and professional success.

Extracurricular Application Strategy

As part of Bentham’s application and coaching packages, your personal consultant will help you:


  • Choose the best extracurriculars. We identify summer and year-round activities that will most effectively support your personal brand, so that you show depth, passion, and focus.

  • Eliminate unnecessary activities. We make sure you use your time and energy as efficiently as possible and stop activities that divert focus away from your goal.

  • Motivate and hold you accountable. Your goals are our goals. We maintain big picture thinking to keep you on task. We also manage the details, so you don’t have to. We map your objectives, provide reminders, and adapt your strategy to stay powerful and relevant as you progress.


Bentham’s Goal Is Singular:

Your admission to a top choice college. We ensure you do the right college extracurricular activities to stand out among thousands of other prospective students. Whether you need a strategy for Stanford, Duke, MIT, or Ivy League extracurricular activities, we will tell you what it takes to submit an outstanding college application.

With a Bentham One-on-One consultant, you are committing to a college application that will:

  1. Showcase your Initiative and Dedication. Show you have walked the talk. Your experiences illustrate how you have deepened your knowledge through meaningful, sustained involvement.

  2. Stand out Among the Best. Colleges want specialists who are interesting and offer something outside the status quo. With the right strategy, this will be you.

  3. Impress Admissions Officers. With the correct focus and combination of extracurriculars, your application will scream that you have something to offer that no one else can.

Take advantage of Bentham’s Coaching and Application Packages to achieve your admissions goals.


Your One-on-One Admissions Consultant, a graduate from an elite school, will help you select the best extracurricular activities for college applications, guide you to effectively articulate your specialty in your applications, and help you demonstrate that you belong in the incoming freshman class of your top choice university.

Contact us to learn more about what Bentham has to offer to help you succeed.

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