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College Essay consulting

College essays hold clout—perhaps now more than ever as many schools adopt test optional policies—which makes what and how you write increasingly critical. However, this may be the first time in your life you will attempt writing a personal statement. You see an impossible task: Bentham sees a solution.

Essay Development

Bentham’s team of expert college essay consultants, all graduates from elite universities, know how to write powerful college application essays that speak directly to a university’s niche and reputation. We will help you brainstorm essay topics and content that will inspire and energize admissions officers to read every word of your essay, and we will perform unlimited edits on your writing, so you do not undermine your application package.


Bentham’s goal is to showcase you in a compelling way that will sway admissions decisions in your favor.

At Bentham, We Focus Our Energy To Ensure Your College Essays Are:

strategic discussion

Just as the best structures need blueprints, so do the best essays. We work with you to develop topics and content that emphasize your story and why you specifically are the right choice for a top university.

memorable essay development

The brightest lights stimulate afterimages, and this is our goal for you. We will help you craft a college essay that will linger prominently and positively in admissions officers’ minds while they consider your application.


Certain qualities drive success. We will make sure you present yourself in your college essays as articulate, competent, organized, and ethical, so admissions officers know you are a capable leader.

College Essay Consulting Help

As part of Bentham’s college essay consulting and application packages, your personal consultant will provide:


  • One-on-one Advising. We take your needs seriously and tailor our college essay advising strategy to fit your individual ambitions. We share your goal of achieving the best possible outcome for your essay—college acceptance—and will be with you every step of the way.

  • Detailed Advice on Essay Topics and Content. We know how to navigate the differences among top schools’ specific needs and interests. We will identify which aspects of your personality, character, and experiences best match your target schools’ needs and will help you select essay topics that play your strengths to those needs.

  • Unlimited Essay Edits. Essay writing comes in bursts, so when one strikes, we will respond. We offer continuous college essay help online, from well in advance to hours before your deadline, so that your essay is as polished and potent as possible when you press submit.


From content, to flow, to grammar and tone, your personal Bentham consultant will make sure your admissions essay is professional and powerful. We know what admissions officers want and we know how to achieve it.

Working with a Bentham One-on-One essay consultant, you will:


  • Stand out. We will help you write a memorable essay that emphasizes why you—above all others—should earn a coveted position at an elite university.

  • Win advocates. Through strategic topic and content selection, we will ensure your essay has the best chance of rallying others behind it, so that when it comes time to debate candidates, you will have admissions officers going to bat for you.

  • Increase your odds. We tailor our college admission essay help to allow you create a clear and compelling essay that outshines your competition.

Take advantage of Bentham’s Application Packages to get college essay help online.


Applying to college is one of the most pivotal moments in your life. Our professional college essay advisors are Alumni of Top Universities who have played the admissions game and won. Our expert writers will help you develop and outline essay topics and content that will showcase your distinct strengths. We will also provide recommendations to edit your drafts to make them as sharp as possible before submission.

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