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BS/MD Application Consultant and Coaching

There are certain programs in the United States which allow students to be admitted as an undergraduate and a student at a connected medical school. They range from 6-8 years and, oftentimes, are far more rigorous and competitive than the best Ivy League schools. Brown PLME, Northwestern, Penn State, Baylor, and other local institutions all feature application pools with the highest grades, robust extracurricular work, and top test scores. 

The presentation on the left is from a webinar that we ran in February 2020, where we discuss the differences between these combined programs, Pre-Med tracks, and how we help our students stand out in both. 

The biggest point is this: combined medical school programs demand sustained excellence, leadership, and intellectual vitality to the highest of levels. 

BS/MD Application Strategy

Right now, certain BS/MD or BA/MD programs are harder to get into than the Ivy League schools. This is for good reason: these programs require students to commit 6-8 years of their lives in preparing for a career in medicine. This is why the number of applicants is usually 20 times less than general undergraduate admission, and sometimes less than 100 students are admitted into a single cohort. 

Students interested in BS/MD need to demonstrate a comprehensive level of experience and sustained interest in medicine throughout high school. This usually means research (ideally published), shadowing, and volunteering.

Bentham has in-house specialists who have gone through the rigorous process of BS/MD applications and are excited to guide students and their families on the journey of securing the right opportunities and building a strong portfolio. We want all of our students to demonstrate a compelling reason to study medicine, and we will help you craft the strongest essays and interview responses that you possibly can. 

Want to work with us? Scroll down and drop us a note via the contact form so that we can get on the same page.

BS/MD Application Coaching

Every single consultant on our staff is a graduate of a top university, BS/MD programs included. We firmly believe that the best person to coach a high school student is also a stellar student, leader, and creative thinker. When you work with a Bentham consultant, you have an ongoing conversation with feedback both ways and constant communication.

A big advantage of working with Bentham over other admissions consulting firms is that we are a lot smaller. We rarely have more than 20 students at any grade level, which allows us to take a more intimate, team-based approach to the consulting process. You will be in correspondence with everyone on our leadership team regarding your BS/MD admissions strategy—not just your child's direct consultant. 

If you are interested in what the workflow would look like for your son or daughter, the best next step to take is to set up a free consultation with us. We will walk you through our process from now until the final applications are submitted. 

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