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Boston Pre-Med Programs Admissions Consultants

Boston, the most populous city in Massachusetts, offers a number of top pre-med programs, advising and resources. 


Like most specialties, pre-med is not a major, however, the universities below offer Early Assurance, 7- Year programs and other recommended options for students seeking pre-med options. 

Best Pre-Med Schools in Boston

Bentham Admissions knows that having a strong college application is going to increase your chances of getting accepted into pre-med programs and if you are unsure of what needs to be delivered during the application process our team of admissions counselors is here to help. Check out the best pre-med schools in Boston and then contact us to discuss what we can help you do to accomplish your goal

Best Pre-Med Colleges in Boston

Boston University


The university offers a highly selective, Seven Year Liberal/Arts Medical Education Program only available to first-year students.  BU also offers a robust Premedical/PreHealth Curriculum under the advisement of a PreHealth advisor for all of its students. 

Brandeis University


Health: Science, Society, and Policy Program is a great launching point for students interested in medicine, offering three options as a way to meet the prerequisite requirements for medical schools. Pre-Health Advising will help students on the path to medicine as well. 

Harvard University


The university offers a number of premed and pre-health adviser services to their undergrads.  Concentration advisers, House premedical tutors, Office of Career Services (OCS) advisers, and practitioners in the field will offer a range of perspectives on how to meet premed requirements within their undergraduate concentration.

Tufts University


The university is a strong research institution that allows sophomores to apply to the Tufts Early Assurance BA/MD. The Pre-Health Advising team supports those pursuing careers in health professions and prepares students for graduate school applications. Tufts', student-run, Pre-Med Society is a nice enhancement to support students pursuing careers in medicine.

Finding a college that will prepare and support you in the medical school application process should be an important consideration in your college search process. If you would like additional guidance in the best colleges for pre-med students in Boston, please be in touch with a member of our team.

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