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College Application Consulting

Every prospective student needs a brand: a succinct, unifying, and powerful statement that makes your college application stand out above thousands. And it needs to be memorable. When admissions officers stand up from a day’s work of reviewing, it is your application they need to remember.

application branding

Bentham’s team of expert consultants, all graduates from elite universities, know the importance of personal branding for college students. We work with you to create a memorable personal brand statement that defines and differentiates your application, showcasing your ability in a way that stands out and sticks with admissions officers.


Prospective college students face increasing—and increasingly talented—applicant pools. Bentham college application consultants strategize to make sure you are distinguishable beyond your grades and test scores.

At Bentham, We Use Proven Strategies To Ensure Your Personal Branding Is:


We develop your vision and narrow your brand to a singular, concise mission statement that communicates your personality, skills, achievements, and values.


We differentiate you from your competition so that—among a sea of achievers—you stand out as having something unique to offer a top university.


Top universities recruit highly specialized individuals to form a well-rounded incoming class. We tailor your personal brand to fit the specific needs of your target schools.

memorable application to stick out

Standing out will not cut it unless you are also memorable. We will make sure your name and application linger in admissions officers’ minds long after they have stepped away from reviewing for the day.

Coaching & Application Packages

As part of Bentham’s coaching and application packages, your personal consultant will help you:


  • Define and Develop your Personal Brand. Through customized questionnaires and phone calls, we will crystallize your academic vision to fit your needs and the needs of your target schools. Admissions officers want depth over breadth, and they want you to fill a specific niche that complements their student body. We will define what that means for you.

  • Promote your Brand in All Aspects of your Application. Our top priority is to positively influence how admissions officers perceive you, and we do this by ensuring all aspects of your application support your personal brand. From essay writing to recommendation letters to interviews, we make sure your application promotes a singular message: You know who you are, you are capable, and you are the right fit for their school.

  • Write Powerful and Persuasive Essays. Your college essay is the best self-promotional tool you have. It is your chance to emphasize your personal brand statement and share what you bring to the incoming class that no one else brings. It is where you show all that test scores and resumes cannot: your personality. We make sure your essay is authentic, demonstrates your curiosity and initiative, and showcases your personal brand.


Bentham’s goal is to make you recognizable among thousands of other prospective students. We look at the big picture, identify how to unify and amplify your individuality, and then get to work strategically positioning and promoting your acceptance into top colleges of your choice.

With a Bentham One-on-One consultant, you are committing to having a college application that:


  • Impresses Admission Officers. You need to make waves, and we will help every step of the way.

  • Separates You from Your Competition. We will emphasize what is unique about you, and if that needs work, we will get you there. Colleges want specialists who can fill a niche.

  • Presents Your Professionalism. We will make sure you present yourself as articulate, competent, organized, and ethical, so admissions officers know you are capable of success.

Take advantage of Bentham’s Coaching and Application Packages to achieve your admissions goals.


Our Team of College Admissions Consultants—all graduates from top 20 schools—know how to successfully navigate the college admissions process and will work with you to strategize your approach, emphasize your strengths, and silence potential problem areas. Together, we will ensure you demonstrate to top schools that you are the future they need through our college application advice.


Learn more about what Bentham has to offer to help you succeed.

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