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College Application After-School Classes

Hundreds of thousands of high school students throughout the US are facing a serious shortage of expert college admission guidance. For first-generation and minority college applicants, the problem is even worse. Bentham closes this inequality gap by offering live college application preparation after-school classes taught exclusively by graduates of the nation's top colleges. 

The Bentham Difference

Expert Guidance

All Bentham consultants are recent graduates of elite universities like Harvard and Columbia. Our experts provide first-generation college applicants with key information that their parents do not possess.

12-Week Class

The Live 12-Week College Application After-School Class is open to all seniors and takes place in the Fall when students apply to college. The course contains the same information that costs affluent families thousands of dollars. 



Detailed guidance on how to market oneself effectively as a first-generation or minority applicant, how to choose the best fit college, and how to write compelling essays and narratives to gain admission to college.  


Bentham experts come to you and provide College Application after-school classes at the school itself. Bentham works with the school's schedule and provides flexibility to meet the school's agenda and needs.

Benefits for Student and School

For School

Students Taking Exams

Provide Elite

College Counseling

Provide students detailed college application consulting and essay advice on par with what is received by students at top private and boarding schools.

University Students and Professor

Maximize College Matriculation Rates

Receiving guidance from top college graduates will significantly increase college matriculation rates; 100% of our clients are accepted to college.

Science Teacher

Productivity Gains

for Schools

Free up the school's college counselors and teachers to concentrate on other important aspects of their job.

For Student

Female College Students
Equal Access

Level the

Playing Field

Consultants who are top college graduates will level the college admissions playing field for first-generation and minority applicants who are at a disadvantage in the process.

Financial Aid

Making College Affordable

Our consultants help students finance college by teaching them how to find and apply for grants and scholarships. We offer comprehensive classes on the FAFSA, CSS Profile and QuestBridge.

Family Gardening
Reduce Stress

Stress-Free College Applications

Students receive answers to all college application-related questions from experts to reduce parent and student anxiety and to help ensure a great result.


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Our Results

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