Bentham Acceptance letters Class of 2022

We are proud to share the acceptance letters of some of our 12th-grade students who recently completed the college admissions cycle for the 2021-2022 school year. All featured acceptance letters have all personal information removed, and some of the images are cropped to fit the page.

For every student, we create a positioning strategy, a timeline for completion of essays and application components, and guidance through mock interviews, financial aid, and scholarships.

Our full statistical breakdown of Ivy League, Computer Science, and Business programs is here.

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CalTech Admissions Letter for 2022



St. Andrew's Episcopal School


University of Illinois UC


GA Tech

Tulane-admit-letter-2022 (1).jpg

Tulane University

UC Irvin Admissions Letter 2022

UC Irvine

uta-admit-letter-2022 (2).jpg

UT Austin


University of Florida



UC Davis Admissions Letter 2022

UC Davis


University of Michigan


Rensselaer Polytechnic

uiuc-admit-letter-2022 (1).jpg

University of Illinois UC

case-western-admit-letter-2022 (1).jpg

Case Western Reserve University