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Ivy League Colleges Reopening Plans 2020 

High school students in the graduating class of 2020 have faced challenges never seen before.  They have been robbed of social traditions like prom and have had to forgo the traditional rites of passage for graduation ceremonies. They continue to weather the storm and monitor the current pandemic for what is one of the most impactful transitional periods in their lives—going to college. 

As with everything COVID-19 has affected, colleges are monitoring the pandemic and making plans for the reopening of their campuses and the return of their students in August. Modifications differ between schools.  This post will offer you the instructional plans of all eight Ivy League universities.

Ivy League Schools' Announcements

Brown University


Universities President, Christina Paxon, will announce a decision about the fall semester by July 15. Many options are in the works from students returning to campus to remote learning for students who can not return for various reasons to the option of doing a hybrid of online and in-person learning. Continue to check Brown's covid website for updates.

Columbia University


Right in the epicenter of the coronavirus, Columbia announced their reopening plan on June 17. Interim Provost, Ira Katznelson said the school will utilize a three-term academic year. While the fall semester will remain similar to past years, the spring and summer terms will begin much earlier. This calendar will allow for more in-person instruction and on-campus life. Columbia’s 2020-21 academic calendar can be found here

Cornell University


Cornell is considering many options. Their three reactivation committees have worked hard on the options and hope to make their announcement for reopening in early July. Updates to Cornell’s plan can be found here

Dartmouth College 


The Coronavirus task force continues to work on the scenarios for the return of its students. President Philip J. Hanlon and Provost Joseph J. Helble will make a final decision about the fall semester by June 29.  All Dartmouth updates are at this link.

Harvard University


Undergraduate, graduate and professional schools will determine each of their fall 2020 plans. You will find each school's plan here.

Princeton University


Will announce their plans for reopening in early July.  Continue to find Princeton updates here.

The University of Pennsylvania


They are considering four scenarios. The first is a hybrid experience of some in-person instruction and some virtual. The next is hybrid education but with all classes ending on campus by Thanksgiving and continuing online through the remainder of the fall semester. The third scenario offers greater opportunities over the summer incorporating hybrid learning. The final scenario is offering the fall semester entirely online. UPenn hopes to have its plans finalized in late June. Find UPenn updates here

Yale University


Yale changed their academic calendar. Classes will begin on August 31 and will end on December 4. They have also canceled the Fall break usually held in October, and following Thanksgiving, they will move to an online learning format.  While the academic calendar has been set, President Salovey will announce the type of instruction for the Fall semester in early July.  Instructional options are on campus, virtual or hybrid. Updates can be found for Yale here.

There is no question that schools want their students on campus; learning in person, researching in labs, collaborating with all, and living the campus life they desire, but the safety and health of all are most important under these uncertain circumstances. State, local, and federal guidelines must be followed and taken into consideration when determining the reopening of these college campuses this fall. Continue to check each school’s website for the most up to date reopening announcements. 

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